Camera | Steadicam Operator
A little bit of background on Jason Ippolito.
Jason Ippolito is a Los Angeles based camera and steadicam operator (IATSE Local 600 | Steadicam Operators Associations). Framing the perfect shot is always essential, whether it means rigging POV cameras to the bumper of a drifting race car, scaling a burning building to capture firefighters in action, or gliding around a kitchen full of feverous cooks. Ippolito exudes patience, intelligence, and endurance ensuring quality moving images.
The fascination with visual expression first surfaced through doodles and sketches, and continued to develop with the family camcorder, ultimately unleashing a career.  This passion unlocked the pursuit of education and training at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Living life through a lens is both professionally and personally rewarding.  Current projects and opportunities continue to provide challenging and inspiring moments.
In between projects, Ippolito can be found cycling, running, or skiing in the mountains, or feverishly searching for the best cup of coffee.